Professional photographer & part time luthier at
Studio Markku Nyytäjä / NYDE Guitars

I live and work in Helsinki, Finland. I’m a both technically and visually skilled and versatile photographer with professional work experience since 1984.  My occupational field ranges from press photography through portraiture and family events to fashion and advertising shoots. I have a good sense of light, composition and moment. I take good photos.

Photography is my passion. I always carry a camera with me, not just a smart phone. I photograph all the time, any subject that catches my eye and tells me to push the shutter release.  Some of the results will be seen here, some on my Instagram account nyde6.

In 1993 I graduated from the University of Art & Design in Helsinki with a Master of Fine Arts degree – and, having worked as a photographer through my study years, with a vast array of professional skills and experience.  In 2007 I obtained the Official Proficiency of a Visual Arts Teacher.

In addition to my occupation as a photographer I am a photography pedagogue with 25 years of tutoring experience. From 1994 to 2019 I led and developed  a one-year photography program and shared my know-how with hundreds of students, helping them start their professional careers.

As my side business I design, build and repair electric stringed instruments such as electric guitars and basses.  In December 2008 I set up my guitar workshop NYDE Guitars in Tammisaari, Finland . The first instruments rolled off the assembly line the following summer and I have designed and wound my own NYDE Pickups since 2011. In March 2020 I moved the workshop to Helsinki